We are faced with violence committed in the name of our faiths and a lack of affirmation for their potential for peace.

We understand ourselves as believers for peace. We actively oppose violence while affirming the peaceful and nonviolent content in our faith traditions.

We belong to various Abrahamic traditions, Muslims and Christians (Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics) from Southeast Europe. We have been enriched by our experience of coexistence after seven years of continuous cooperation and of building our interreligious group through our project, which convened three interreligious conferences „By Building Peace, We Glorify God.“ With this declaration we launch an initiative to acknowledge and gather believers who are seeking a way to actively participate in building peace nonviolently. We offer this declaration in which we define what being a believer for peace means to us in order to strengthen belonging, visibility, and networking and we invite all who agree with these points to sign, indicating that you join us as a believer for peace.

As a believer for peace:

  • I work for justice, peace, and the preservation of all creation.
  • I show respect for life by rejecting violence and working for active nonviolence in my personal and social action.
  • I listen actively, thereby contributing to understanding among diverse individuals, groups, faith and ethnic communities.
  • I work for forgiveness and reconciliation inspired by the texts of my faith. I seek to forgive and receive forgiveness. At the points of social conflict and where violence was committed I work for reconciliation between parties in conflict because healing of the community in which I live is important to me.
  • I actively participate in building peace and social change where I live and am active in society, my faith community and family because peace is not an event but a process.
  • I strive to live as the texts of my faith teach so that its peaceful principles can be seen in my behavior.
  • I work for solidarity and peaceful coexistence between individuals, groups, communities and ethnic groups of different worldviews and faith convictions.
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