Call for Peace


from the Ecumenical Women’s Initiative and Believers for Peace

As sisters to sisters, brothers to brothers, as mothers to mothers, fathers to fathers, we are writing to you from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

We are believers who have experienced the violence of war and who today are still working to build peace as we continue to wrestle with the consequences of war in our countries. This experience brings us close to you who today suffer war, separation, fear and dread for the lives of your loved ones. That experience does not allow us to be silent, that experience gives weight to our cries against war which come from the depths of our souls. ENOUGH WAR, NO MORE, NEVER AGAIN.

We want you to know that we are close to you in solidarity, that we think of you, that we pray for you and that it pains us to feel powerless, to be unable to do more for you. As believers, Christians and Muslims know that peace is God’s will and that God upholds peacemakers. We know that peace is not built by weapons but by human relations, not by the might of the strongest but by justice for all, and especially for those weaker and more vulnerable among us. We know that peace is possible, that peace requires effort and that it is worth it.

Do not let war turn your soul. We pray for ourselves and we also wish that we are not overwhelmed by a warrior’s desire for revenge, that we are not poisoned by the instigation of war and the illusion that the extermination of the enemy will bring a solution to war. Our commitment to peace has taken us out of the vicious circle of war. This long-term journey that is not without obstacles and difficulties in a world polluted by violence and injustice gives meaning and joy to our lives. We wish the same to you.

We call on representatives of our churches, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant communities, repre- sentatives of the Islamic community in our countries as well as in Ukraine and Russia to take respon- sibility based on the reputation and trust on which their communities have in them. As believers, we are committed to peace. The same is true for our religious representatives, that their committment is fully maximimised and all their potential used to stop the war and build peace.

  • Weaskofourreligiousrepresentativestoreachouttotheircontacts,friendships,acquaintances and areas of influence in the cause of peace.

  • Weaskofourreligiousrepresentativestobeactivelyinvolvedinseekingandfindingspacefor dialogue between today’s conflicting sides.

  • Weaskthemtoinitiateandsupportalivingdialogueinordertofindwaysforthetransformation of the conflict today to ensure the life of all citizens in a peaceful neighbourhood tomorrow.
    Our task is to build peace. We ask our religious representatives to accept these tasks and to perform them with heart and soul. Let us be God’s instruments of peacebuilding today - to the joy of the whole world.

Ecumenical Women’s Initiative
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21310 Omiš – Croatia
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Believers for Peace (RAND)
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10360 Sesvete - Croatia
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